Moodle Change Log

This page provides basic information regarding changes we have made to the 21CCCS Moodle Site. This page is not intended to list every change nor be a source of documentation regarding how these features work. If you have an idea you would like to see implemented in a future Moodle update, you can share your thoughts by going to our ChangeMap.

May 2022

• Small visual updates to the Completion Progress Block to add more detail and reorganize activity descriptions   enhancement  

August 2021

• Upgrade to Moodle 3.9  enhancement 

• Integration of SSO  enhancement  

• Added course-specific search functionality in Student Life courses  feature request  

• Slimmed down Parent Portal to only the working fields  feature request  

November 2020

• Reduced the height and width of the colored boxes within the Progress Block to take up less of the course page  feature request 

September 2020

• Increased the size of Live Lab buttons  enhancement  

April 2020

• Color changes applied to the Messaging alert and Notification alert badges to distinguish between the two  enhancement 

March 2020

• New icons installed for user profiles without an image  enhancement 

• Rearrangement of assignment page to display the grade/feedback received directly after the instructions  feature request 

December 2019

• Moodle system upgrade to version 3.7: included features such as a Personal Notes Space, Messaging Improvements, and more  enhancement 

August 2019

• Integrated two new plugins: VidGrid & Mootivation  enhancement 

• Integrated the QuickMail Messaging block for teacher to student communication  feature request 

July 2019

• A search box has been added into the Navigation Drawer   feature request 

• Many Moodle pages have been converted to be mobile and tablet friendly  enhancement 

• Courses transitioned over to the new One Topic "Weekly" format

June 2019

• Moodle system upgraded to version 3.5  enhancement 

• Site theme changed to the Altitude theme  feature request 

March 2019

• New filter in place to display the Math LaTeX equations clearer   enhancement 

• Lightened the text of hidden activities to allow the restriction to be more prominent   enhancement 

• Made it clearer for students, when navigating in Forums, to see what link to click on in order to respond to posts  enhancement 

February 2019

• Restriction tags have been color-coded (purple: restricted access or stealth mode; red: hidden from student view and access). enhancement 

• Quiz answers choices were made a larger font size for easier viewing  enhancement 

• Gradebook Single view navigation enhanced with page navigation buttons for staff members   enhancement 

• Book Module was restyled to make navigation clearer   enhancement 

January 2019

• Course Lesson Template version 3 added to development templates  enhancement 

• Mobile Mode friendly Wistia Videos & Rein Organizational Tabs added to site CSS  enhancement 

• Implementation the a mobile Friendly version of the Parent Portal  feature request 

• Updated the view of student grades to not show Decimal Points: Grade Values and Letter Grades will round to the nearest whole number like on the Report Card  enhancement 

• Order of the Front Page blocks changed to allow for better mobile-user interaction  feature request 

• Quarter Transfer Points folders have been re-colored to help them stand out in the gradebook  enhancement 

• Adjusted the size of the teacher's grading page to fit on one screen  feature request 

December 2018

• Urgent Alert Block added to the site - will only appear during active alerts  enhancement 

• Hidden "Part" sections were added to all courses to provide consistency between shells

• Enrichment Program activities were added to all courses

• Assignments in all courses were marked with a "star" icon to designate "Essential Content"

• Top of all courses received a banner that consists of a live class button, VO button, and teacher information (teacher information blocks have been hidden from view)  enhancement 

• VOs were split into several new VO courses to reduce the length of the VO list as seen in the original VO LTI  feature request 

• Gradebook tables were recolored to include more noticeable headers / columns  enhancement 

November 2018

• Student Completion Progress Block on the Dashboard has been re-styled to make it more user friendly  enhancement 

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